Request for assessment

The Government Loans Service at Archives New Zealand notified the Chief Archivist that records lent to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Te Pūtea Matua had not been returned and appeared to have been lost.

The issue

After public offices transfer records to Archives New Zealand, they may request them back through the Government Loans Service if they need to refer to them. However, after the Reserve Bank borrowed the records, and subsequently requested an extension in August 2018, they had to vacate their building while asbestos remediation was carried out. When staff returned to their building, they discovered they had lost track of the records.


Archives New Zealand charged the Reserve Bank $6,000 (three instances of the set charge of $2,000 per lost record). Archives New Zealand will explore on a case-by-case basis options for delivering digital copies of requested records. No original records may be taken offsite.

We are exploring ways we can loan digitised copies of records as a matter of course, rather than allowing physical records offsite. This will help to minimise the risk of a situation like this happening again.

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