Request for assessment

After an inquiry into the NZTA’s performance relating to a Northland vehicle inspection service showed up significant deficiencies in the Agency’s IM practices, it approached Archives New Zealand for support improving its compliance with the PRA.

The issue

Following safety concerns regarding a Northland vehicle inspection service, a Queen’s Counsel (QC) was appointed to enquire into NZTA’s regulation of that service, and the Agency’s regulatory functions for New Zealand’s vehicle inspection services as a whole.

In the report, released in January 2019, the QC wrote that NZTA failed to take “appropriate regulatory action…in a timely or responsible manner”, allowing the service to keep issuing warrants of fitness to drivers. She found this failure was an example “of wider systemic failures within NZTA’s regulatory function” and determined some of the failures related to IM issues.

She recommended NZTA “reviews its recordkeeping and information management systems in relation to IOs [inspecting organisations] and VIs [vehicle inspectors] in order to:

  1. ensure the records held for IOs or VIs are complete and readily accessible;
  2. identify gaps or deficiencies in recordkeeping and information management;
  3. ensure any such gaps or deficiencies are remedied.”

Following the report, NZTA carried out a self-assessment of its compliance with the PRA and found areas of low capability and maturity in its compliance, so approached us for support.

Assessment and recommendation

We assessed NZTA against its PRA compliance and found some issues. Currently NZTA is working with us to address and improve the issues identified.

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