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Our new website has been up and running since June 2019. We’re really proud of it – it's modern, secure and more accessible than our old website.

Part of this work includes the retirement of several of our other websites that are no longer secure or editable. These include the National Collection of War Art, Audiovisual Archives, Online Regional Exhibitions, and the Community Archive.

Our team have also been working hard to modernise and relaunch some of the content from these websites into our new website. Check out some of this work, such as the refreshed National Collection of War Art, which is fully searchable and beautifully displayed. We will continue to work on ways to display this content on our new website in a modern and accessible way.

Recently, our web team have created a new, up-to-date directory of community-held archives in New Zealand. We’re really proud to launch this today on our website.

We’ve included a directory function and a map, which allows you to discover sources of archival material across the country.

The new directory has been updated with current contact information and organisational websites but does not include any listings for individuals. We need to gain permission from those individuals and will be contacting them directly for this. If you want your collection included in the directory or your organisation’s listing needs updating, please get in touch with us. We are able to edit the new directory data at any time.

We developed the Community Archive website as a hub for New Zealand’s archival organisations to manage and showcase their collections over a decade ago. Some organisations continue to use the site for this purpose, but many provide only contact details and general overviews of their collections. Many of them now also have their own catalogues and websites. The Community Archives website has a low visit rate per year, with those who do visit spending only a short time on the site before leaving.

With all of this mind, we have made the difficult decision to close the Community Archives website. The site will close on 4 May 2020.

Read more about why we’re making this change in the FAQ below.

Frequently asked questions