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The implementation of disposal is a key element of effective information and records management. Disposal makes sure an organisation keeps information and records for as long as required. 

Then, when no longer needed, it makes sure the organisation can dispose of their records appropriately. Within information management, disposal involves the decision making process which decides if an organisation will keep, transfer or destroy its information and records. These decisions will reflect the results of an organisation’s appraisal.

The benefits of applying disposal actions can include: 

  • decreased record and information storage costs. For both digital and physical by either transfer to our archive or destruction

  • increase systems efficiency gained through better records control and systems effectiveness 

  • adherence to the Public Records Act 2005 (PRA). By minimising illegal access or destruction of information and records reduced risk of privacy and security breaches 

  • improved management of information and records

  • improved transparency and accountability of government information

Disposal authorisation process

Public offices can start a disposal authorisation process for any number of reasons.

If your organisation needs to seek a disposal authority, the first step is to contact us . We'll discuss your circumstances and determine the best way forward. We'll provide the guidance and templates that you need to start the process.

The process of creating a disposal authority can take a long time. We work with public offices to make sure that their disposal authority is developed as smoothly as possible.

It's important to get your senior management and organisational support before you start this process. The details for disposal authority development varies between public offices. However, there are some common steps which are followed.


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